Goyard Amaartois

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  1. This is so helpful! Thanks for posting these pictures. I have the LV Neverful but needed something with zippers for this weather we are having:smile:
  2. Hi, I was wondering if the edges of the Artois ever soften up? I just received mine and I’m afraid it is so stiff, and the edges might bump into a person :smile::smile:
    I’m used to the softness of the St. Louis I guess. I like how I can push the sides in on the St. Louis.
  3. Mine is pretty new also so I am not sure.. I am opposite though as I do like more structured bags so artois is perfect for me.
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  4. Thank you! I like them for certain times, but for casual outfits, I feel like the the St. Louis is more comfortable. I just wish it had a zipper- that would be the best of both worlds :smile:
  5. Gorgeous
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