Goyard Amaartois

  1. It's no longer required! If it were I wouldn't have had time - was only in Paris for a day!
  2. thank you! that settles it then.. I'm definitely getting one :smile:
  4. I know I am late to the party for this post, but thought there was still too little actual information about the Artois size comparison. I had the St. Louis and hated it, not the least of the reasons because its straps literally break and split (was told by Goyard that there is plastic or resin inside the leather of the strap at the base), and the lack of shape. I loved the idea of the Artois but, even after reading all these posts was confused about the size. I ended up ordering from Goyard Neiman's Chicago the red Artois MM (now $2645 +$25 delivery fee), and had the SA send me some photos to compare with the St. Louis. There are NO returns by mail, so had to be sure!
    This is a comparison of the St. Louis PM (L) to the Artois MM (R). Also the SA holding each. The Artois this year looks "redder"; SA said that was because this year the white painted dots on the canvas didn't stand out as much...they wanted it to appear more "uniform" and blend better. I receive the Artois MM tomorrow...a bit apprehensive about the 19" wide at the top, but look forward to it! 20180701_134925_1530473267116.jpeg 20180701_134940_1530473267054.jpeg 20180701_133751_1530473266976 2.jpeg
  5. First photo the SA wearing St. Louis PM, 2nd is the Artois MM. You can see the longer handles on the Artois and the more noticeable white on the St. Louis.
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  6. i have both artois sizes and love them both- you can't go wrong.
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  7. IMG_9252.jpg
    Here is my sky blue Artois PM. I use it for errands, it is the perfect size for me. I am 5'7" for reference.
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  8. Congrats. I'm 5'6" and Artois PM is the best tote for daily errands.
  9. Perfect size color and tote
  10. This is so pretty! I’m thinking about getting the same one. Can you tell me if the bag fits comfortably over your shoulder? Thanks!
  11. Thank you! Yes, the straps fit comfortable over my shoulder. I find them to be quite sturdy, too.
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