Goyard Amaartois

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  1. Thank you! I have the new 12" MacBook, which is slightly less wide than the old 11" MacBook Air.
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  2. Does anyone know how the Artois MM compares to the Neverfull MM in terms of size?
  3. Hi friends! I'm wondering if anyone has any modeling shots or reviews yet of the new Artois MM? Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm curious too.
  5. I want to buy one while in San Fran! Torn between black with black trim and navy!! Which one should I get?!
  6. I think I am going to call and order an Artois tomorrow! I talked to someone at the store today and he told me that the measurement across the bottom was about 11.5 inches "line to line" and then flared out from there. Most measurements state 15" which I believe is at the widest point. He said the bigger size was about 15" across the bottom. I also found a picture online of a MacBook in an Artois so it looks like it will fit.
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  7. The SA at the Chicago NM boutique sent me a picture of the MM. She said that it was comparable to the Neverful MM. I decided that it was too large for me and decided to go with the PM. Hopefully it will be large enough for work! But here is the picture in case anyone is interested. IMG_1491827677.264800.jpg
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  8. Did your MM come in? Are you able to post modeling shots?
  9. I got mine today from BG NYC - walked over on a work day and picked up this cutie patutie as a new workhorse bag! IMG_1492274374.760623.jpg
  10. Beautiful!! This is the exact bag that I just ordered! I'm anxiously waiting for it to come in. I was told the personalization was running about 15 days (probably because I ordered from Chicago). Any modeling shots?
  11. 15 days?! Wow! I decided not to personalize. I didn't know it was no longer mandatory and was going to just get a St Louis GM- but once it arrived, I kept thinking of this one and had to go back to exchange. It's such an amazing bag. I am no where near a mirror but will post when I catch myself in front of one! I am absolutely in love with this bag- so well structured and sturdy. What color did you get?
  12. Which size is this....the original or the new larger one...thanks.
  13. I got the exact same color as you! Black with tan trim! I fell in love with this color combo the very first time that I saw it and have wanted it ever since. I think that it is such a classic combination, and the tan trim really makes the print pop.
  14. Hey! This is the small one.
  15. Exactly! I'm glad it was only $1675. Otherwise, the price difference from a St Louis would've been too much for me to justify. this is my favorite color too- I was going to get the burgundy but I couldn't resist! Modeling pics to come!
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