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  1. This thread is really helpful for someone who is thinking of buying an Artois like me:smile: thanks [emoji106]
  2. I'm still confused......which of the two Artois sizes is closer to a mm St Louis?????
  3. An SA in SF told me that the bigger newer Artois is somewhat "in between" or a more compact version of the GM size.

    That said, one SA said the Artois MM is sized 14.2x11.1 and another SA said it was 20x11.5 ...
    Both said it was about a 9 in drop.

    So I'm also still a bit confused... [emoji13]
  4. Add me to the confused group. I saw the large Artois in the boutique and guessed it was about the size of my St Louis gm. I liked it enough to call back with the intention of a purchase (I boutght something else when I was in the store). When I spoke to the SA via phone she gave me dimensions that were more in line with the ST Louis MM. End result is that I am confused and decided that I needed to see it in person before a purchase.
  5. The straps seem longer on the larger Artois versus the pm St. Louis. Is this the case? I found the pm St. Louis straps a bit short and more like a crook of the arm bag if I were to carry it in the winter. Also anyone have thoughts or experience with the durability of this tote versus the St. Louis?
  6. I was told the Artois MM is closest to the St Louis PM....I'll be getting my bag this week. I will take pics!
  7. The St Louis comes in three sizes...PM, MM, GM...........if I understand correctly you're saying the smaller Artois is close to the smallest St Louis? That's pretty small.
  8. I was able to try on both the Artois PM and Artois MM at the Neiman Marcus in BH. I agree with the above mentioned SA that the Artois MM is sized somewhere in between the St Louis PM and GM.

    I would definitely classify the Artois MM as more of a travel bag, therefore I would liken it more to size of the St. Louis GM.
  9. Anyone know if the smaller Artois would fit a small computer like a MacBook Air?
  10. The St. Louis only comes in a PM and GM size. The smallest Artois is closet in size to the smallest St Louis PM. Hope that helps.
  11. The St. Louis definitely comes in an mm size. I have five mm''s.
  12. Oh, that's good to know. Do you happen to know the current price for a St Louis MM classic and specialty color bag?
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  13. Thank you!! I think the smaller one is what I need.
  14. Hi @Gaga4goyard! Did you get your Artois MM? How are you liking it? Would love pics and mod shots if you're able! Thank you and hope you enjoy! [emoji3]
  15. I tried putting a 13" mac air into my small Artois, it wouldn't fit. However, I believe a smaller one like an 11" might fit.
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