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  1. Price for Artois PM is $1635 and Artois GM is $1950.
  2. Does anyone know if all Goyard Boutiques in the US, as well as stores within Neiman Marcus/Dept Stores carry the larger Artois?
  3. I was told by my SA at BG that the Artois is exclusive to the boutique
  4. Does anyone know if a small MacBook Air or 12" MacBook would fit into the PM? The measurements seem large enough (15" wide I believe) but they look so small in photos! I don't have anywhere close to see them in person. Also, does anyone know if the tan trim is treated leather or natural? I am looking for an all-weather/rainy day bag and not sure if this bag would be appropriate.
  5. Thanks for posting this. I wonder how much bigger the GM is compared to the PM. I hope someone posts a GM soon.
  6. I called the NY Goyard a few weeks ago and was told the medium was 19"X11"x6". It costs $1950 for the black and $2535 for the other colors. I keep going back and forth between wanting to purchase the St. Louis pm and the Artois. I've seen many pictures of the St. Louis and none of the new Artois size. I was told by the SA at the boutique that the strap drop on the medium Artois is similar to the strap drop on the St. Louis gm. The major appeal for the Artois for me is the zipper closure. But, it is a big price difference between the St.louis and the Artois. It would be great if someone could post some of photos of the new size. Thanks.
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  7. I just purchased the Artois MM in black and tan from Neiman Marcus in Chicago. SA was very helpful and patient! We went back and forth via text and he sent me several pics.
    I was between the Bellechasse and Artois, and after seeing a pic of them side by side I went with the Artois. The Bellechasse is gorgeous but it is a shallower bag than the Artois MM. There is a new Bellechasse PM with longer handles for $1920 vs the original for $1750 . I believe it also is an open bag, and I love the idea of the zippered top with the Artois for when I travel. I have several LV neverfulls and I hate the openess when I am traveling and shoving it under my seat.
    I was told the MM is the largest size of the Artois. The PM is $1635 in classic colors. The MM is $1950. I was told the MM is comparable to the Saint Louis PM.
    I chose the red three initials on the inside of the bag. I was told that it isn't mandatory, but it's FREE! Normally $165. I did ask about adding stripes or shadows and I was told it would delay the bag 6 weeks and would be an additional $165.
    My bag is coming from NM in NYC to the NM in Chicago. Then it will be sent to me. SA said it's taking about 5 days.
    Not only am I excited to get my bag, I am excited to move on with my life! I've spent an embarrassing amount of time researching! It is so hard to buy a bag without seeing it.

    On another note, I stumbled on a Goyard alternative called Fure le Page. The "battle for life" tote is gorgeous! Not quite as expensive as Goyard and have some great accessories! Can only be purchased from Paris. I may buy a clutch down the road....They a smaller outfit thanot Goyard, but they get great reviews.
    I will try to post a pic of my Artois when it arrives!
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  8. Thanks for the info! It's so hard to purchase bag without seeing it! It would be great to see photos of your new bag! Congrats on your new purchase!
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  9. 19 by 11 are the demensions the NY boutique gave me last week for the mm
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  10. Thanks for posting the price for the larger Artois in special colors. I was actually wondering about it.
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  11. Congrats on your new Artois!
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  12. So exciting! Do you mind posting the pics & comparison pics that your SA sent you? That would be so helpful! Thank you!
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