Goyard Amaartois

  1. Hello!! I wanted to post some pics of this bag. It is a new design, hopefully there is not another thread started, though I did search. It is called the Amaartois, it comes in three colours, black with black, black with tan and grey. It is like the St Louis and is has a top zipper, it also comes personalized, it is included in the price and it takes about three days. If I remember the SA correctly, Amaartois was the name of Louis brother, but don't quote me as I am jet-lagged and hard of hearing.:lol:Enjoy!!:flowers:
    image.jpeg image copy.jpeg image copy 2.jpeg
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  2. Wow I love this! Afraid to find out the cost... :o
  3. I am so sorry:shame:the price is 950 Euros.
  4. Is that for the PM size?

    Love the new design. The reinforced corners are a good extra!
  5. Love this bag, thanks for sharing. Hope your trip was fun.
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    It only comes in one size, that I know of.:flowers:Yes! Love the corners too!

    Yes it is like the PM St Louis, for size comparison.
  7. I'm so happy to share!:flowers:And yes, my trip was fun!!:biggrin:
  8. LOVE IT. Annoyed though, since I just ordered a St Louis two weeks ago...
  9. Ooooooo! What did you get?:biggrin:
  10. I think this bag is only available in Paris for now. Oops, looks like you might be there.
  11. Really? I did not realize that it was only available in Paris...darn. Should have bought another one!!!:P
  12. Hmm well could be worse. Not that much more than a st. Louis with personalization right?
  13. Love it! Thanks for posting
  14. I was reading your post again.

    I never heard of personalization included in the bag w/ Goyard, or completion in 3 days.

    How did that happen?
  15. It is something that comes with the bag, it maybe a new thing that goyard is trying. But yes the price is for the personalization and it has a very short turnaround. They are a couple of font choices and sizes, not the whole choices but not just a single option either, so more of a semi personalization. Perfect for those who are shopping while in vacation!!:PThe bag is a present for my mother, so I will keep you updated, as she owns pm goyards. I will tell her it's for research purposes!!:lol:
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