Goyard Aligre - Limited Edition

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    According to a personal shopper, there have been 50 pieces produced and limited to France.
    More official details from Goyard to come.
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    Maison Goyard is pleased to present the Aligre Bag

    A nod to the traditional string shopper, the Aligre bag, whose name pays tribute to the famous market in Paris’ 12th arrondissement, brings a touch of class to this humble accessory and reinvents it to create a bag with singular charm.

    Behind its apparent simplicity, the Aligre bag hides a mass of exceptional expertise, which Maison Goyard is proud to perpetuate.

    The raffia mesh making up the main body of the bag is hand-plaited over a form according to an ancestral process, which guarantees both lightness and resistance. Aficionados will recognise the many emblematic details from the beech rods equipped with leather end-pieces, which provide support and evoke the wooden battens on classic Goyard trunks, right down to the snap fastener for closing the Goyardine flap, attached to a Y-shaped leather yoke, a reference to the Goyard chevron.

    The Aligre bag is functional with its perfectly ergonomic smooth leather handles, ensuring comfort regardless of the weight of the bag’s contents, its large inside pocket for keeping keys, cards and phone safe and its leather bindings which help the bag adapt to the size of its contents.

    Beach bag, city bag, or even an avant-garde evening bag... With its versatile personality, the Aligre is ready for every occasion.

    Coming in a unique off-white plaited raffia version, with black Goyardine and gold leather detailing, the Aligre bag is available as a limited edition exclusively in the Goyard boutiques in Paris and Biarritz over summer 2017.

    Source: http://www.goyard.com/en/news/the-aligre-bag
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  3. Not quite functional, maybe for grocery bag or beach bag is ok...
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  6. Definitely a beach bag. I saw it in person. For aficionados who summer in faraway locales only.
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