goyard agenda/diary pics?

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  1. hi guys

    unfortunately for me i do not live close to any goyard resellers

    1) was wondering does any1 have pictures or goyard diary and agendas?

    im looking to purchase one for my partner (she herself actually recently purchased a LV suhali for her sister)

    2) can i customise the stripes on the agendas/diaries?

    3) does any1 have the prices

    ive tried emailing the 233 store but they were not helpful at all ;(

    much appreciated
  2. You should call Barneys. They're usually great over the phone and give you most of that information. If you do a search in the search function you should be able to find pictures. I don't know the exact cost, but the Goyard agenda is much pricier than the LV version, just so you're prepared.
  3. call goyard at sf, they tale orders via phone...or barney's
  4. when u call barney's just say" can u connect me to Goyard's dept pls? thanks"