Goyard 101

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  1. :yes:Hi Ladies: On my recent trip to New York, I saw lots of ladies (and gents) carrying Goyard bags. They were gorgeous and UBER minimal. I'd like you Goyard fans to give me the basics, the lowdown. Sizes, shapes, what is the first style I should consider, prices, pros and cons.
    Help initiate me into the world of Goyard. What should my first purchase be? And where do you buy?:drool:Thanks!
  2. I love the st louis tote I have it in the black and its great I got mine in NYC at bergdorfs. I am going back to NYC this fall and I want to get a red one.. they are so easy and look so good with everything.. hope that helps
  3. Thanks ladies. I'm going to look online right now. Does Bergdorf's have them online?