Government health officials warn of dangers of waterproofing sprays

  1. SCARY!!! I used to waterproof everything, but I haven't been waterproofing for awhile now. I don't think I will ever use any of these sprays again. Even the protection of one of my precious bags is NOT worth it!!!
  2. I stopped using Apple Guard spray awhile ago because I hated the smell and was worried about toxicity.
  3. Thank You so much BPS for posting this!!! very important stuff!!
  4. i still use wilsons,, i use it outdoors,,,
  5. I don't even let hairdressers use hairspray on me anymore!
  6. 3M's old formula ScotchGard was discontinued some years back. Any remaining stock was to be sold by distributors until it was all gone. The perfluorochemicals were found absorbed in sea animals, and human blood! It did not decompose. 3M has a new formulation since.
  7. In the article it did say "cheaper sprays" so hopefully it's not the more expensive ones that most of us are probably using! Still scary though!
  8. Hmmm.....I don't use them anymore, anyway, because when I used to, I didn't actually think they worked very well, they ruined the finish of soft suede and gave me a false sense of security.

    Now I have yet another reason not to use them to add to the list! :yes:

    Thanks for posting! :flowers:
  9. i'm throwing out my Shining Monkey as soon as I get home...
  10. Crap, I just used some today.....figures.