Government Cheese?

  1. I used the sandwich maker yesterday to make myself a nice grilled cheese sandwich. We were out of mozarella, so I had to use American cheese slices. Then I recalled how, when I was a kid, I'd go to my cousin's house, and they had this cheese...a giant block of it in a cardboard container. We'd make grilled cheese with it and sometimes just eat the cheese plain, and it was so good! Or at least I REMEMBER it being good. I think it was government cheese?

    Does anyone else remember eating government cheese? Or am I the only one? I wonder what kind of cheese it was, and who could get it. We never had it at my house, so I guess you had to be on government assistance? Where did you buy it, at the grocery store? Or did you have to go to the welfare office or something? I never knew, but...I wish they'd bring it back. I probably haven't had it in twenty years, but I still remember how great I thought it tasted as a kid!

  2. you mean velveeta?
  3. lol i giggled a bit at the title.

    i didnt know the gov't gave away blocks of cheese. i just know that they give the sliced up kind.

    but there is such thing as block cheese at the grocery store.

    i believe they sell blocks at costco and sams too.
  4. I know exactly what you're talking about. In the town I grew up, they provided government cheese and blocks of butter to senior citizens. My grandma used to get it, and it used to drive my Dad crazy. That cheese didn't taste so good, so I think what you had was Velveeta. It comes in a cardboard box, too.
  5. yeah, velveeta does make a pretty awesome grilled cheese. i totally coveted that stuff when i was a kid. it's probably actually really disgusting.
  6. I'm making a mental note to try some Velveeta. This cheese I have in mind, though...I think the cardboard box it came in was just plain white with black lettering. I think the cheese was a yellow-ish color as opposed to an orange color. Kind of the color of swiss or mozarella...

    Not positive, memory could be going...LOL.
  7. OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My family is Native American and I grew up eating that at my Grandma's house in Muskogee, OK!
    Was definitely NOT Velveeta, it wasn't so soft like that in my memory. It was tasty and more dry.
  8. Yes!! I remember eating government cheese when I was little!!
  9. lol, i used to eat it too. my grandma used to get it. it is very similar to american cheese. my uncle lives in durango and he gets it now. don't know what it is. some type of government assistance i think but my mom brought some back last month. it is good to me too...
  10. the govt cheese I had was awful. It was a big hard block of dry yellow cheese that had the consistency of sticky paper. It was the same cheese that was served in NYC public schools in the mid-80s.
  11. OMG :roflmfao: I remember a truck would come around and give blocks of cheese and butter to people. I don't remember if I ever actually had any though. I know a few of my friends moms would get them. I couldn't even begin to tell you what type of cheese it was.
  12. what's so funny about it?
  13. Some kids at my grammar school would bring it to school. It was a big long block though and was encased in cardboard. They said they got it at the park. So, yes, I remember govt. cheese - but never got to try it.
  14. SWANKY...
    My husband is Indian as well. He always talks about how good the government cheese was. They used to get all sorts of "rations" that he always reminisces about. I've even tried to find this cheese for him again to surprise him, but to no avail.
  15. yup.. i remember those big ole' blocks. nothing nice and they last forever. my brother's and i hated the cheese.and my school served them c.e.s 64 in the bronx.