Gotti son arrested

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  1. DIX HILLS, N.Y. - Frank Agnello, who starred with his mother and two brothers on the reality TV show "Growing Up Gotti," was arrested earlier this month on drug charges, police said. Agnello, 16, was found with marijuana, OxyContin and morphine pills when authorities pulled him over on a Long Island road for failing to heed a stop sign, Suffolk County police Lt. Donato Mignone said Monday.
    The teen, who was driving a rented sport utility vehicle, was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance, police said. He could face up to a year in prison if convicted.
    Agnello's attorney, Adam Mandelbaum, said no drugs were found on Agnello during the Nov. 10 arrest in Dix Hills. "The rest of the matter is under investigation," Mandelbaum said.
    He said Agnello will plead not guilty at a Jan. 24 hearing in Central Islip.
    Mignone said police discovered the OxyContin and morphine pills in the SUV's glove compartment, console and trunk. He said two passengers were also charged.
    Agnello was also given a summons for driving without a license, police said.
    The teen is the son of Victoria Gotti, daughter of legendary mob boss John Gotti and sister of John "Junior" Gotti. Besides starring in "Growing Up Gotti" with his mother and brothers, Carmine and John, Agnello has written a book, "The Gotti Diet."
    John Gotti was convicted of racketeering and murder in 1992. He died 10 years later in a federal prison.

    <b>Since when is it cool to celebrate a person who comes from a family that has killed others? :yucky: I know the grandsons didnt do it, but they sure arent doing anything to clear up their family name.
  2. is frank the youngest of the 3?
  3. Big shocker.
  4. Wasn't he the 'sweetheart' of the bunch?

    His attorney said he didn't do it!:lol:
    Let's see . . . blew through a stop sign and was driving w/o a drivers' license and I'm sure the cop was hiding the paraphernelia in his sleeve and planted it:rolleyes:

    People NEED to take responsibily for their crappy choices:yes:
    If they don't hold this boy responsible, can you imagine him in a few more years:wtf:
  5. 16 ? :wtf:
  6. I got through about half of ONE episode of that show. It was positively nauseating. Yeah - big shocker on that arrest.
  7. no surprise was bound to happen sometime
  8. Oh jeez.
  9. He was such a mess in Growing up Gotti. He couldnt continue acting that way in real adult life. I kinda feel sad for Victoria. You can see shes trying to lead a normal life, but isnt normal herself. And the kids end up being such idiots...its sad.
  10. What a shame. So young and such poor choices already!
  11. Really, is anyone surprised?
  12. "Growing Up Gotti Show" was a car wreck. I watched it because it was like a car wreck you just douldn't not look at it! Those boys were bad seeds! I am sure if Grandpa was alive he wouldn't have let them act like that with their mother the way they did!
  13. SHOCKER!!! But seriously, I am still trying to figure out WHY "Growing Up Gotti" aired on A&E? I would expect E! or FOX to air this garbage, NOT A&E.
  14. John Gotti would have kicked the you-know-what outta those loser grandsons of his! There was one episode I saw where the boys nearly had a fistfight over hair gel. Give me a break! Victoria Gotti may be a wonderful cook, but she's a lousy parent.
  15. not surprised!!