Gotta start somewhere

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  1. Any suggestions for someone wanting to sell on eBay with a low feedback score but all 100%. I need to sell some very nice authentic items but I am concerned that buyers won't look because I don't do much on eBay. I only turn to eBay when I can't find what I am looking for anywhere else. Thanks!
  2. Same situtation I am in. I have NO feedback, as I have never bought or sold on ebay. You have to start somewhere, right? SO I am just stating in my auction that I am a new seller and all my stuff is real, etc. That is all I could think of to make myself a trustworthy seller .
  3. You can always build up your feedback by selling little items around the house, to prove that you are an honest seller. I personally wouldn't mind buying from a low feedback seller provided that her history shows honest transactions and her pictures are thorough and detailed enough for me to determine authenticity. I don't know if it's allowed, but you can put a notice in your auction that you are a TPF member and to have them email you for your ID if they are still uncertain. Good luck!
  4. I have bought from low feedback sellers; I did realize we all have to start somewhere. Use PayPal for sure--you will be paying some fees but seeing PayPal makes the buyer feel there is some security involved.

    And yes, take very detailed pix. Close-ups of the points sellers look for in whatever it is you are selling--check similar auctions to see what those might be if you aren't sure. I have only sold a couple of things but I made sure every flaw was shown. I also feel that if a new buyer is taking the time to take the pix and not relying on 'stock' photos they are really trying to be up-front and a good seller. I don't remember how many photos ebay lets you post for free but I used all of them (I know as a buyer I look at every single pic closely).

    Good Luck-We all were newbies once!
  5. buying things also builds up your FB
  6. I'm in a similiar but different situation. I have 200+ FB as a buyer (100%), but have not sold anything. I want to clear out a bunch of stuff around the house, not just purses.

    Am I wrong to assume that buyers are going to look at me suspiciously, as I've never sold before?
  7. I wouldn't think so. 200+ buying feedbacks at least is telling people you are experienced with eBay. Treat your buyers as you wish to be treated when you are a buyer. I believe everything will be fine.
  8. Everyone tips are great. I would list 2 bags to start and see how they go. Make sure you state that you guarantee authenticity. Also offer a copy of the receipt if you have it. That would make a leary potential buyer feel a bit better I think. I have been a seller and buyer on ebay going on 8 years. ebay has changed alot. It used to be a fun place to buy and sell . Not so much anymore.

    I personally only deal with established sellers. I buy mainly bags and accessories and concert tickets. So I have established a relationship with a group of sellers I have alot of faith in.

    It may be frustrating in the beginning, but you may also get a couple of low feedback buyers buy from you, so that would be good.

    You might also try selling some NON handbag items from around your home. That would help establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy seller also.

    GOOD LUCK!:tup::heart:
  9. Thanks for all the tips. I have heard so many horror stories with eBay so that's why I don't go out there oftern. I will look for stuff around the house. I guess someone will buy it, I did once. I have some receipts but not all.
  10. Hi. Start a new ID for selling. Keep buying & selling id's separate. Sell some small stuff first.
  11. I sold my first item (a used, non-high end designer bag) last night, a mere few hours after it went up! Yay!

    Since I have no intentions on becoming a powerseller, it should be ok that I only have one account, right? I just want to pay off my credit cards and get rid of older things I'm not using.