Gotta share what I got at the COACH STORE!!

  1. Just got back from the COACH store, and as I was contemplating on what to get (since I did get a PCE), I was gonna get the dragon fly wristlet, BUT decided since I just got the XL satchel (which wasn't cheap), I decided to get my one and only... THE CARLY! i absolutely LOVE it! It fits SO SO great on my shoulder... I got the khaki/chocolate... and guess what? My man LOVES it! Its the FIRST bag that he has actually said something about... normally he's just like "another one?" LOL This is the bag I have been meaning to get forever and finally I got... its my FAVORITE bag out of my collection... Here are my modeling pics, sorry they aren't the greatest! :love:
  2. hey ash... what do you think of my new bag?? she's a beauty, isn't she? haha... i know there was the lily that i was thinking about, but i wanted to get a shoulder bag instead of a satchel for once... i still have my march PCE, i'm sure i'll get something then! :graucho:
  3. LOVELY Carly!!!! She looks awesome on you!!!!
  4. Thanks LA... I LOVE it!!
  5. Congrats! It looks great on you!
  6. Nice! And your man has good taste! :yes:
  7. I like it a lot, perfect fit & size for you!

    Now which is it, the large or regular?
  8. I'm an averaged sized woman, and this is the large... the thing is I thought the large was going to be too big for me, but really you don't even need to fill the bag for it to look full, it just does the slouch when its on your shoulder... its sooooo beautiful! i seriously might buy this bag in other colors as well... i know this bag is so popular, but seriously if you haven't tried it on, you will fall in love w/it when you do... its seriously that great! This is my favorite bag EVER!!
  9. It looks great on you! Congrats!
  10. i have her..she is the bestest! :]]
  11. she is the "bestest!" haha:yahoo:
  12. Congrats! That bag looks hot on you! :tup: I totally agree, Carly is the best!!! :yahoo: I am 5'10" and had a medium because the large was just so huge! But after having the medium for a while, even though it was great and held my stuff fine I got a great deal on a large and it looks sooo much better on me.. I don't carry a ton but it slouches great which is the look and if I want to hold more things (which ends up happening while I am out with kids and stuff) I can. I have the khaki/ebony and love her! Congrats, I am so excited for you!!! :yahoo:
  13. thanks so much field... yeah i'm only 5'4 though, but i like big bags, and the carly is seriously such a hot bag! you can't go wrong w/it! i'm so excited to use her!! :love:
  14. Yay!!!! :yahoo: She looks gorgeous on you! I swear TPF was just waiting for me to read this cuz I just got in from work and when I came on the computer this was the first thread! lol I love it!!!! I am so happy for you. I can't wait to see what we can get for the next PCE lol I have the large black Carly and I love her. It is signature so I love it but it is very classy looking. I love Carly!!! Congrats girlie!!!!!!
  15. I'm so glad you got Carly finally! She looks HOT on you!