Gotta share...went to Filofax store and loaded up my Agenda...Pics...

  1. Looove the Filofax goodies!!!
    11-19-06_0950.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. i have the same pen...
    ur agenda is gorgeous.. is that your baby? so cute :love:
  3. I do, too!! I need to order mine for '07!!
  4. Thank you!
    My niece. :smile: She's the happiest little pumpkin in the world.
  5. nice!
  6. awww.... :P
  7. what pen is that?
  8. That is the little Zebra pen that runs 4 bucks AND can be refilled! I love it, and it's a perfect fit.
  9. Very cute!
  10. thanks for sharing..VERY COOL
  11. Cute.
  12. Cute - love the pen!
  13. All your new stuff is so cute. Those are pocket size, right? I need to get some of that. In fact, you've just given me a reason to shop! :yes:
  14. Yep, Pocket size! They have all kinds of colors to choose from for the inserts, too!
  15. Yep LV pm agendas take filofax pocket, LV medium agendas take filofax personal......
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