GOTTA share this... too cute....

  1. i posted this pic in the coach forum BUT i must post it here as well, as it's just plain ole cute...

    so my mom is a coach collector and my little brothers wife is also. she decided that my niece is a collector AS WELL! this is my first niece so i'm so excited! yay! isn't she cuuuute?

    thas MA NIECE!.jpg
  2. Sweet!
  3. Adorable!!:yes: .. slightly large feet tho'!;)
  4. How cute!!!

  5. lol those are her mums shoes ;) i should really look into coach baby stuff :yes: if i wasn't so broke she'd have some already i'm sure!
  6. She's a cutie!
  7. Cute, but I hope she grows into her feet! :p
  8. What a great picture! Adorable niece you have.
  9. lol!so cute!
  10. Beautiful little niece! Way to start her on the path early!!!
  11. lol, she looks kind of confused. she's so cute tho! ;)
  12. Delicious!!
  13. aww thats what i said ;) thanks thanks :love:
  14. so cute :smile:
  15. cute!!