Gotta purge...bummer

  1. Okie dokie's the deal - after getting my amazing Raisin birkin last week (and drooling over a couple more) I just have to purge something from the collection...not to mention the bill that I just got from my architect (we are building!!)- yikes!

    So...what do you recommend ladies?? Here's another look at the collection. I have other designer bags - but it seems Hermes is the best when it comes to resale.

  2. Personally I would sell off the other designer items and keep the Hermes bags lol! At least this is what I have done....unless you don't care for one or don't use something in particular...
  3. Possibly the black birkin? Then you would have 2 Birkins, 2 Kellys, 2 Plumes -- all sets representing seasonal color.

    Your 2 Kellys are gorgeous!
  4. I keep thinking that the Black Birkin is the one to go...but it is so classic (they all are) that I hate to do it!!
  5. I would sell all the other designers first, and then if you have to get rid of one Hermes bag, then get rid of the black one since that color is more ubiquitous than other colors.:flowers:
  6. first of all do you really have to sell or are there other possibilities? if there are use them as once the bag is gone it is gone and you´l´l miss her so much not matter what faulous bags are coming i went through it and still miss them :cry:
  7. I feel so bad you have to think about this. :cry: I cannot say because they are all so gorgeous. i say sell your other designer stuff first and see where you're at.
  8. I say the Plumes and the black Kelly--non-croc. The black Kelly is somewhat similar to the Birkin and I think the Birkin is more of a classic...

    The Plumes are nice, but I think they're not as distinctive... So I'd let those go. If you really want to keep one of the Plumes, I'd keep the white/cream one since you already have the tan Birkin.
  9. Oh boy....well, I'd sell off all my other designer bags first and then you might want to consider selling the Black Box Kelly first and then the Black Birkin if you HAVE to. That's what I'd do....all other designer bags go first.....
  10. I agree. The croc is amazing btw! Love it.
  11. you shouldn't listen to shopmom because she WANTS your black box kelly if you sell!!! just kidding - but to me that one is a classic - see everyone has their own opinions!!
  12. sell all others and keep only the birkins. that's what i am doing (well, i'm keeping my kelly too).
  13. You're darn tootin, Shoes! :yes: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ;)
  14. I'd only sell bags that were not Birkins and Kellys.
  15. I changed my mind. Sell the Plume.:flowers: