Gotta love those Kitties!

  1. .......They are my children, I’d do anything for them, but the Vet just cost me a Mortgage Payment!!! I swear. I am never taking them for their yearly shots with a hangover again. I just said yes to everything.... OOPS.... Blood tests and screening are great, but the only thing these guys are in contact with every day is the grooming brush and fancy feast cat food. I guess I am a good cat Mommy but $200 a cat $600 bucks purses for me this week... I blame Captain Morgan.....this only makes the headache worse.
  2. ^^ Wow you're definitely a very good cat mommy! Those are going to be some super healthy cats!
  3. Damn Captian...
  4. Lol, I know the feeling! I have three cats too and I absolutely love and adore them. Captain Morgan ain't bad either!! The combination can get ugly.
  5. They are adorable!

    Cats rule! :smile:
  6. HEHE. Thanks for the support .... now that the headache has subsided i am just still agape at my vet bill... but the babies are so cute how can I resist them ? They muct have known I was down last night , they all piled on me with their kitty-motors in full gear. I usally get either ignored or worst case senero- urinated on after a trip to the vet.

    small victories i guess :shame:
  7. thanks ! I love my little fuzz-buckets , they make my day :love:
  8. I totally understand!!! What a good mom you are to them!!

    My cat got sick last year and required $800 surgery. They said they could either put her down (for 1/4 of the price) or I could pay for the surgery....well of course I spent the $800!!!! She is worth every penny!!! :heart:

    Good for you for taking great care of your little guys!! :yes:
  9. It's always worth trying to save your baby ,k I know it must have been hard to go thru surgery with your baby! I am glad you made a choice that some people would not. My Mom's cat Raja , was in an awful acccident with a car , and was really touch and go for a long time, after 3 or 4 surgeries they finnially had to amputate his tail , but she belived in him , and he is a happpy spoiled rotten kitty today with only a bladder issue to show for the whole thing . :biggrin:
  10. Your avatar is hilarious!

    My kitties are sadly neglected at our home. My husband hates them and makes them stay in one corner of the house at all times when he is home with them. Grrrrrr :censor:

    But I did lose my favorite one last year. :sad: He was a long haired orange cat named Sherbert and was the cuddliest, friendliest cat I've ever had. We think he got eaten by another animal. I miss him!!! Even my husband kind of liked him. It was hard not to when he purred and rubbed up against your leg.

    I have one cat, Jazmyn, who just cannot be taken to the vet. It is more traumatic to her than it is worth. The last time I took her (several years ago) she attacked the vet! They don't really want her back either. LOL

    But my other baby boy, Mischief (who I swear looks just like a Russian blue), just went in a month or two ago and got his shots. He was a good boy!

    I wish I could get another kitten but with two Siberian Huskies (and a Malamute on the way) there's no way.
  11. I agree!!! One of my three kitties, we nicknamed the $7,000 cat, because that's how much he's cost over the last 5 years while they chase down and attempt to treat his asthma issues. I wouldn't trade him for the world though!!!
  12. They're like kids to some of us. I know my friend treats her dog like he's her son. I treat BF's cat like he's my son. I even carry him around like a baby!

  13. Ohhh! my mom's other bengel cat Kumba has asthma ... the poor baby! I know I would spend any amount to take care of my babies as well... They certianly are my kids .... hey at least they bathe themselves :biggrin:
  14. I know exactly what everyone's been saying.. we have one cat, Man, who has had constant stomach problems since we got him three years ago.. We like to joke that he's the best travelled cat in terms of vets.. he's gotten to see them in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.. we're working on city #4 now. Although we're not yet at $7000.. I think we're only up to $4000! ;)
  15. I love my kitties as well...would spend anything on them! The funniest orange persian...he must have been having tummy problems one night and had some diarrhea. Well I was trying to clean his rear area and I swear I thought his insides were out. 9 PM and me rushing to the emergency vet. Turns out it was just poo, but it cost me $150 to have his butt shaved!
    I'll do anything for them!
    Then the dog who ate bark and was puking for 24 hours trying to get it out...that time cost $400.
    Fortunately nothing serious with any of my babies.