Gotta love the Rack...

  1. I went to Nordstrom Rack today and scored the patent leather quilted bowler in oatmeal for $199. It retails for $1075. I grabbed it and went straight to the register. I am so so excited. Gotta love the Rack. Thanks for listening. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. Thanks. I have burned so many times by ebay I thought I would never get a good deal on a designer bag. Then I found this bag today. I have been wanting it for awhile now.
  4. Are you kidding? Wow! That is a fabulous deal, congrats! Pics?
  5. Wow, even better than ebay. I've been burned by ebay too :sad:
  6. OMG!!! Was this the Rack in Mission Valley?! Just saw that you're in SD. Did they have any others?! I'm sooooo jealous! But congrats!!
  7. OMG!! Congrats that is a great deal! I would love to see some pics!:biggrin:
  8. thats awesome.......
  9. Woooo...what a steal...Sometimes you got bumpy up and down for this price. It is just on sale and Nordies rack has had it..Woo...
  10. Yes the one in Mission Valley. This color didn't go on sale at Nordstrom. I think only the green and blue. So I am assuming it was a returned and it was sent to the Rack. I wish there were more. But this was the only one there. I would have loved to give one to my Mom. There was a smaller bag from the same collection in a darker taupe color. It wasn't the smaller bowler but another style from this collection for $199. But lots of other MJs but more expensive from other collections. I hope that made sense.
  11. HOLY CRAP! my rack has bags from way, way past season...not that they're not still gorgeous! congrats!
  12. Wow!! That's amazing! Congratulations!!!
  13. What a deal!!! Congratulations, and I'd love to go shopping with you! :o)
  14. I hate you. Just kidding. Awesome deal!!!
  15. AHHH!!! im so totally jealous. that is AMAZING! i never find good stuff when i go to mission valley! you must post pics! ;D