Gotta Love it

  1. When I see these, I often wonder if they are true or just good marketing.

    My bf had an employee whose wife sold designer purses on eBay. I went to check out her auctions and it talked of how her idiot husband ran off and left her with all the bills so she in turn had to sell all stuff to pay them....she made a killing! But they are still married today as far as I know.
  2. I wonder the very same thing...that is pretty shady of that guy's wife.
  3. ^ Whoa! I guess it's hard to believe all the sob stories out there on eBay... There are a lot of women trying to get rid of "gifts from their exes" and are selling fake bags! lol.
  4. I tend to not believe the stories some sellers come up with, especially the high priced "gifts". Who gives gifts to friends that cost hundreds of dollars? I just hit the back button when I read that one.
  5. I understand some people DO this for designer bags, I hit the back button too when i read gift etc but surely not for a used pair of sneakers :wtf:

    I just like the "wanker" part, so many of them out there :graucho:
  6. :lol: she can be a good writer then :lol:

    Why she can't just throw it into the basket?