Gotta job, needa WORK

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  1. OK, so I always thought the WORK was a silly, in-between size until I got this job and find myself lugging home a gazillion files. :blink:

    I have a GORGEOUS, pristine Weekender that I don't dare mutilate with all of this CR*P. It's too big, anyway, and would likely get warped with all of the standard 8 1/2" by 11" files.

    I am dying for a WORK, and would love any leads, and / or opinions on this size functioning "in real time" as a briefcase.

  2. Cult status in Perth have a gorgeous Work in Ink..just pm me for the pictures...

    I tossed up between the work and Kimmies City..have decided that while the work would suit me better, I have to be able to get double duty from my bag ie: work and going out so I opted for the city.

  3. I love the work as everyday bag. It's not as popular as the city but I think it's a great size and not as big as most people think. I am only 5 4' and it looks fine.
    What color are you looking for?
  4. litljbird, I have a pewter work that I use as a fashionable briefcase. I put files, laptop, notebook in it and it is the perfect size for work stuff because things don't swim in it. However, I also use my weekenders as well. If I position my laptop just right it works!
  5. I love the work size and use mine as a purse also. I'd probably have more works than cities but the good leather was limited to s/s 05 since it wasn't introduced until then I believe. I have one in ink, which is fine. I love the color and use it as my abuse bag and it takes more beatings than any bag should, which is something I wouldn't dare do with my others. If you're concerned about the size, don't be. It's very versatile and can easily be used as both.
  6. i LOVE the work size! dont have one, but have been on the lookout for a deal on a black one for awhile! i think it is such a chic size!
  7. litljbird, this is my favorite size for an everyday bag. i can carry all my stuff and my daughter's essential. i never use the strap on the city, so it never bothered me that the work doesn't have one. it is so much roomier than the city. it would be great for carrying "gazillion" of files. you'll love it.

    there's an ink work on eBay that just listed. 6888651755
  8. It's a great size for both lots of stuff and everyday. Gretta Luxe in
    Wellesley MA had a couple the other day if you want to give them a call.
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