Gotta have a black Diamond Stitch Shopper - small or large!!!

  1. I absolutley adore the black Diamond Stitch Small or Large Shopper. Does anyone know if this bag is still available? If so, where and for how much? I think I saw them listed between $1600-$1800. Also, I thought I saw a picture of what looked like a flap-style bag with that same kind of large metal CC logo on the front? I'm not sure if it was diamond stitch because it was a small pic but it definitely had the same style large metal CC logo. Any help? Thanks a bunch!
  2. there maybe some floating around.. I wanted this bag as well- the small was 1625 and the large was 1850 i believe. Call Saks they may have some around
  3. The DS totes are being re-released for Fall. My SA said mine should be in between July and August.
  4. ^^^
    yes they are but with a WHOPING price increase- 2200or more is what I was told..