Gotta Getta GAUCHO!

  1. Okay ladies - I'm dyin' over here! I have wanted a gaucho tote for soooo long but I kept talkin' myself out of it because I'm 38 and thought I'd look like I'm tryin' too hard, KWIM? But now I can't stand it anymore - I MUST have this bag!!! Here are my two choices Noir medium zip tote (17"x11"x6.5") and Blanc casse large zip tote(18"x13"x7.5"). Blanc is $825 and Noir is $1042.

    Which one will be more classic?

  2. Layney, IMO this bag is ageless. You wouldn't be tryin to hard at all, I think this bag is simply gorgeous and you should go for it!!! The perfect bag for a SAHM, its functional for when we're out running errands with the kids and stylish!!!!!
  3. i say it`s ageless too... my good friend and a PFer just bought a double gaucho which is even edgier imho and she loves it ! and her sons are in college already ! i personally love my gauchos to and will carry them forever!! :heart: good luck with your gaucho hunt...
  4. i luv the black, and i think it will be easier to maintain too.
  5. I'm 39 and now have two gauchos - go for it. I love both the black and white. You can't go wrong!
  6. After seeing these pics, now I want the Blanc! :drool: I'll keep it clean... I promise!!!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I love the white! :tup:

    I have heard that with the Gaucho leather you can use baby wipes to clean the white.

  9. i have a feeling she bought a lady dior or some other model:confused1:.. she couldnt have been talking about a white gaucho!:nogood: first of all gaucho is not plain white, its off white treated with wax and it looks broken from the beginning. Also - maybe because of that wax - i find this bag very easy to maintain it doesnt get dirty at all:heart: ( well i dont throw it around on the ground but still i give it a bit of abuse). So i say - go for white! :okay:
  10. nataliam - thanks! you are soooo awesome!
  11. ITA --- I have the white gaucho and it's soooooo easy to maintain!!!

  12. thank you hon!:blush: anytime !
  13. I am 35 and I just got two Gauchos and I feel that they are perfect for my worries at all!

    I'd say go for the noir it is more classic and can be used year round!