Gotta getta craie!!

  1. For months all of you ladies have been dangling those 05 craies in front of me and I just can't take it anymore. I gotta getta craie. So please if anyone hears of one, sees one on eBay, wants to have me adopt theirs, please let me know via this thread or a private message. I am counting on you ladies.:hysteric:
  2. Theres no selling on the PF, but if I see one on eBay, i'll let you know!! Craie is HTF, but does pop up once in a blue moon
  3. Thanks I know you girls all faithfully watch the ebay boards and sometimes I miss them, since this is a discontinued color I figured that would be the only way to find it and many times resellers will call them off white or cream not really knowing what the original name was. Since the colors are so close I'm not sure I could pick out a craie from the other variations of cream.
  4. Good luck ReRe!! I'll keep an eye out for you.
  5. Ditto ReRe --

    I constantly look at Ebay to see what's on there -- if I stumble upon a Craie, I'll PM you :smile:

    I agree with you though -- it's a stunning colour :smile:
  6. Best of luck in getting one :smile: