Gotta Get You A Makeup Clutch!!

  1. I love my city bag, but I got a makeup clutch that is TDF!!! Highly recommend you contact Bal. NY and have them send you pics!!!!

    The leather is gorgeous and it is the perfect size to carry as a clutch for a night out; fits great in the city!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!! :yes:
  2. Which color did you get? Pics please :smile:
  3. ^ What color, and pictures please! I just got a beautiful 04 Grey one and am waiting for a ice blue in the mail. I've been obsessed with accessories lately! I know what you mean about them being just perfect for your Bbag.
  4. What color did you get? can you post pics?
    I love the makeup clutch! want one but can never decide on the color :drool:
  5. hahah winterpearls we think alike!!
  6. I have it in Rouge and I just bought one in Cornflower. LOVE them. Now I want to find the travel case that zacorey likes...its a chubby little thing and too cute for words!
  7. i love them sooo much, how much are they??
  8. I've been waiting for a rouge-vif make up clutch. I think they're around $465.
  9. Please post pictures!!!! I want to see! I love B clutches very much!
  10. please post pics!
  11. agreed - I have a magenta make up clutch that I adore !!!!
  12. I'm dying for a magenta clutch. Any chance of finding one other then ebay??
  13. Does any of the US stores deliver to CANADA?
  14. I scored mine from luvpurse off of ebay. Just got lucky !!!!
  15. I love my make-up clutch. I got it in Rouge VIF.