Gotta be kidding me!!

  1. I was JUST about to hit the buy it now on a purse I want and guess what happened... SOMEONE ELSE DID IT! Again! This is the SECOND time today! What is going on! And I bet it is one of you TPFers!!!!
  2. I hate it when that happens!!! So sorry you lost out! I guess it wasn't meant to be this time.
  3. aww.. that sucks! It wasn't me. I promise.
  4. Sucks doesn't it? Has happened to me before. I've been searching eBay but didn't buy anything today so wasn't me :lol:
  5. I keep checking eBay to see if they add anymore!! I saw one and asked the person if she was firm on the price... said yes it was already under retail .... but once you add shipping it is $4 over retail, so I might as well buy it in the store! Gonna keep looking!!!