Gotta Ask the Kooba Experts ...

  1. I saw someone at work today with what I think is a Kooba Lucy wannabee. I have a Lucy so I know what 'she' looks like but this 'Lucy' I saw on someone else was like my Lucy BUT no studs on the side pockets, instead there were like leather strips or tassels cinching the pockets a bit. Is this an older style or just a wannabee? It didn't look right. :confused1:
  2. Did it have the gold Kooba plate on the side? It could have been just a wannabe Kooba, not necessarily a counterfeit.

    The Marcelle and the Brynne both have similar shapes to the Lucy... have you seen those?
  3. I have seen the Marcelle, not IRL though, but it has the lacing and this didn't. Not familiar w/Brynne but I will try to get a better look tomorrow. My friends think I am slightly nuts with my handbag thing. Last week I saw someone in the cafeteria with a Gustto Parina and almost stalked her to get a better look. Peeking between the little boxes of cereal is a new low for me; I swear if I see someone with a Gustto Baca in cream I'm bonking her on the head with a bagel and making a run for it.
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. I'm with you. The cream Baca is a fine lookin' bag. Keep us posted of your lunchroom spy activities. How exciting!!!
  6. Sorry, double post.