Gotham City Online/ Ebay??

  1. Hey ladies! I'm really interested in buying a pair of Coach shoes that Gotham City Online has on their website, but I also saw the same shoes on eBay for a lot less from what I think might be their eBay store. I was wondering if anyone has purchased from them on eBay and how your experience was with them?

    Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. i have purchased from them both on ebay and their online store. I always compair their prices as they are often different. I think online I got free shipping and a $10 discount. so check each before purchasing.
  3. oh forgot: got my order pretty fast and they were great.
  4. Thanks so much! Will always compare both sites from now on!
  5. I have purchased from them, but it was via Ebay. I loved them! The prices were great, the boots I purchased were perfect and I think they came pretty quickly!
  6. I've bought from both and have been very pleased!
  7. I bought some Cole Haan shoes from them via the Ebay store, didn't have any problems.
  8. I bought a pair of Coach shoes from gotham city and they were authenic. I guess with ebay, it can be risky in terms of authenticity.
  9. I purchased from them and everything was fine. I went through ebay since the shoes I wanted were $20 cheaper than their online store. They do very high volume on ebay, so there is nothing to worry about.
  10. Hmm, I've seen this company on ebay and have been tempted to buy some shoes before. Glad to hear that they are on the up and up.
  11. I didn't know they were on ebay too! now that I do I'll be sure to check both! experience from their web site was great though!