Gota Go Soon!!!!!

  1. hey guys I was just told were leaving for Naples for the weekend in about 3 hrs lol. Thought I might stop and take a pic of whats in my bag.

    222 333.jpg

    222 334.jpg

    222 335.jpg

    (From top to left)- Fcuk Jeans, burberry shirt, FCUK polo, RL polo
    (From bottem to left)- ermenegildo zegna jeans, True Religion's, Rl polo, Burberry jacket.

    I didn't include my other accessories lol:graucho:
    P.S the time on my camera is f'ed up and sorry bout the messy bed lol

  2. have a great time! your damier keepall is a beauty!
  3. Have Fun!
  4. Have fun!! I love your Keepall!
  5. Have fun! CIAO!
  6. Thanks guys its spur of the moment thing lol so it should be even more fun, just kinda of a late flight.
  7. Have a great trip!! Anywhere warm is nice right about now!! (I'm in New England)
  8. oohh..have fun!!! love the keepall!
  9. I hope you have fun! Let us know how it goes!
  10. No socks or underwear?


    Have fun.
  11. Have a great time, Mike!
  12. Awww I hope you have fun!! Can I come too??

    LOVE the keepall and the true religion jeans!!
  13. Have fun!
  14. lol
  15. fun! Love spur of the moment trips!

    Have a great time!