Got Wii? Want Wii?

  1. I haven't spent a whole lot of time here, because I have been so preoccupied with Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Nintendo Wii. Everytime I get a little free time, I am playing. I got my Wii less than a week and a half ago, and already I have had to replace the batteries in my Wii Remote. Anyone else here got (or want) Wii?
  2. My nephews got it for Christmas. It was too funny watching them play the boxing game. What an awesome idea!
  3. i thought it was a pretty cool idea when i first heard of it months ago. however, i'm not a gamer (i get frustrated easily) so i wanted to try it first. finally got a chance to last week while hubs was looking for a new computer game at one of those huge gaming stores. OMG. SO FUN. plus you have to move around, so it's not quite as couch potato-y, right? (right?!) i waaaaant one. BUT i want a big pretty new tv to play it on first. soon soon soon. hehe.
  4. I was the ding-bat that walked into Target a week before Christmas and asked where to pick it up, the SA laughed at me. So I missed it!! glad you enjoy it! There is a site that shows 'Wii Remote Battle Wounds' or something of the sort that is hilarious!
  5. I dont know if I want one yet. If I had kids I would get it for them because it looks so much more family orientated. I do want to play it though, it looks like it is a blast.
  6. I'm not a gamer, but the graphics on it look cool!!! Maybe I should get one and play it when I'm in the mood? :shrugs:

    Or I could use that money to buy more LV... :p
  7. i'd love to get one and try the tennis for exercise
  8. i have one that's been sitting in its box...never opened it. oops.
  9. :yes: LV
  10. OMG! I just started playing it and I LOVE it. I've been playing bowling all day..
  11. My brother got the Wii and i have to say: it's a great game. I love playing it. Too bad he's leaving soon to go back to school so i can't play it anymore...
  12. same dillema here! hehehehhehe
  13. It's a lot of fun!!! I love the boxing and baseball! And I think it's great because you are excersing, too, while you are playing the video game.
  14. I have one! I think I got it the first week of Dec? Anyways, I love it!!!!!

    It's TONS of fun!! I think everyone should get one, my mom LOVES to bowl with me. I have super monkey ball, zelda, and trauma center and I still play wii sports the most. That game (wii sports) is soo much fun and definitely counts as excercise, haha!

    I say once it goes online, we TPFers should get together and play some boxing!
  15. I bought one too. Love it. Btw, you can get component video cables now on the nintendo website.
    Oddly enough, I use it more to play Mario Brothers (the old game where you are mario or luigi and jump to knock turtles/crabs/bugs)...was 500 points ($5)...
    (you can log online using wii to buy old nintendo games, go online, check weather, etc)