Got waitlisted for Amarante Heart & Gold Miroir Heart!

Jul 4, 2007
We went to Beverly Center LV to check out the news about the heart which is supposed to be released in early 2008. ('coz I usually don't trust pre-ordering via phone... and I need to make sure I will get the hearts since they are so rare!)

Once we got in, an Asian SA approached us and I asked her about the heart, surprisingly she told me it's all sold out back in February, then I told her there is a series of new hearts coming in 2008 and she said she's never heard of that :confused1: Oh wow.

Then I walked around and two SA's approached us. I wanna see if I got any luck so I asked the same question again, and guess what? They replied "Oh yea! Let me show you the pics!" :yahoo: Then one of the SA's came back from their employee room with two sheets of A4 papers showing the pics of new hearts and miroir cosmetic cases! They just got these info and started the waitlists yesterday.

The miroir cosmetic cases are super cute, very very lovely. Come in Gold and Silver and the price is $375. However I don't see I would make any use of it so I didn't waitlist for that.

Vernis hearts come with two colors: Amarante and Red (probably pomme). They come with CHARMS and the price is $375. On the info sheet it also mentioned this is a "one-shot" thing and the released date is scheduled for 1/11/2008. But the SA said expect them to arrive in late January.

Miroir hearts are available in Gold and Silver. They do NOT have CHARMS and the price has not been set yet.

Since Vernis heart comes with charm while miroir heart doesn't, I couldn't decide which one I really want (okay in fact I want a GOLD miroir with CHARM!), I waitlisted for both Amarante heart and Gold Miroir heart. Then the SA grabbed a "waitlist form" and put my pre-order on it, and also our credit card info so that they can charge on our card once the hearts arrive. She also gave me her business card so that we can call her regarding my pre-order!

Now I'm safe! :tup: Phew.

Vernis has a new item, it looks like a rectangular coin purse but it doesn't look like cles. It comes with three colors: Violette (the new vernis color), Amarante and... forgot, probably pomme. The price is approx $275... don't exactly remember.
oh wow i did not know about this .. oh yes thegold heart sounds so so nice... I want one too. I got a red pomme heart last year ... but I had to get it off ebay due to its rarity .
Thank you for the info! Could you please describe the miroir cosmetic case? Is it a style that already exists? Any info would be appreciated!
The heart is coming out in red? :nuts: I thought it was only coming out in gold & silver mirroir and violette vernis. Can we preorder? I didn't know they do that. I'm going to have to call for the red one as well now and try to get them to preorder for me rather than waitlist!! Thanks for the update on the colors.
omg i'm getting way too excited, are the vernis hearts coming out in amarante? or violette? I'm not too crazy about the new purple but if theres an amarante AND a red heart coming out i'm going to die!

someone verify! quick!