Got Violette Cles in Beverly Center today! 1/17/08

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  1. I was on the waitlist of Miroir & Vernis hearts but after seeing the pic of Violette cles on tPF, I found the cles more practical than the hearts so I cancelled my pre-order of hearts and got a cles instead!

    I got there at approx. 7:45pm and there were lots of people there! I stood there for like 15 mins but no SA's had time to take care of me although I saw the cles sitting there right in front of me! :tdown: I just wanted somebody to show me the cles!

    Finally I grabbed a SA from the cashier and he showed me the cles in Violette & Pomme, no amarante was available. It is a lot bigger than the old cles. I'm not a big fan of Pomme, I decided to get the Violette cles and asked the SA to get me a new one. He told me the display was the LAST one! What the...? :cursing:

    I was a little bit upset at that time since he didn't quite pay attention to the questions I asked when he showed me the cles, and after I decided to get the Violette cles, he told me the display one was the last one in the store without searching their inventory.

    I asked him to check the inventory to see if any other store has the Violette in stock 'coz I'd rather get a new one at another store. His attitude changed and suddenly became more helpful.

    He first asked me if there was any problem with the display one, I told him there are some scratches on it, he looked at it very carefully for like 10 secs, then he started looking for another one throughout the store - he walked outside the store to see if there is one sitting in window display, then walked back into stock room. He looked pretty "determined" to get one for me. Minutes later he came out with a new Violette cles from the stock room! :yahoo:

    So here are the pics of my new baby :heart::heart::heart:
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. Ooh, that's a lovely colour!!!

    Well done, excellent purchase!!!

  3. Yay for getting your way! :p

    Congrats on the new addition!
  4. i love it! hope i can get mine soon!
    how much did you pay for it?
  5. congrats
  6. $275 + 8.25& sales tax = $297.69

    The price looks 'ok' to me compared to the heart for $375.
  7. lol congrats! Great job on getting a new cles instead of the display. IT's time like this we know who's the boss! and clearly you are. hehe
  8. Congrats!!!! I just got mine too!!
  9. Oh yea... although a $300 business is probably nothing to them but it's a lot to me! I think I have right to get a perfect one, considering others are paying the same amount of money for a flawless cles without scratches!
  10. Love it! I bought this one too!
  11. Congrats, it looks delicious!

    I cant wait to get my cles this Sunday! :girlsigh:
  12. congrats on yr new purchase and i have the same color tooo..:yes:
  13. congrats - love it
  14. beautiful color congrats
  15. Congrats