Got verified and now paypal only transfer $ from bank

  1. I got verified for paypal because I sold couple of bags . Previously I always paid through my visa card but now I noticed the payment come from my bank account. Is it normal or part of paypal scam in order to stop us using CC ? I don't want to use bank account to pay my purchase is there any way to stop it? I feel that I have more protection buying from my CC..please help..
  2. Sign in t your account and follow the prompts-I'm a little confused by your post, but just because as a seller you had one fund set up doesn't mean they automatically do it for you as a buyer-good luck!

  3. sorry to confuse you..

    I always paid with my CC before I got verified . I recently bought something from eBay and it showed the fund from bank account not credit card.

    Can I change the setting to pay through CC eventhough I got verified as seller and buyer?
  4. Hi. it defaults to your bank account. Fisrt default is to any funds in PayPal (remove them all the time). Next it goes to the bank account. That is the main funding. I think in their new screen the bottom area says "other options" or something like that in blue. Click on that and it will give you the option to pay by other means. make sure you put the dot in credit card! DH forgets all the time.

  5. oh god..I am bit confuse now..sorry

    can you please tell me how to change the setting in paypal
    and how to change the setting in bank

    I have online banking and paypal account on the screen right now..

  6. .........ok what you need to have the page up where you pay for the item.........scroll down to where it says payment method, under this will have your bank account and your credit card details you need to click the circle for your credit card details...........and this will now enable you to pay your item by credit card.
  8. Thank you so much guys..I will try to do it..
  9. When making a payment you can change the payment method. Click on that link and you can select your credit card.
  10. I believe that it defaults to a checking acct transfer no matter how you set your preferences. But you can click on a link while paying and change the method of payment to your credit card. It will ask you if you're sure and just click yes and you'll be fine.
  11. Thanks guys..I did it..never really paid attention to that other option because normally the fund from CC all the time.
  12. You have to do it each time you pay for something.

  13. Thank you, I have to remember it each transaction..

    :love: love this place..
  14. i just want to say that i figured this out the hard way.

    i had a bounced check in my bank account. well, FIVE if we are counting...
    turns out, my eBay payment for my last Louis was pulled from my bank account INSTEAD of my credit card after i also got verified!
    There IS an option to pay with whatever options you have put up prior on paypal, you just have to take a minute and double check your method of payment! Im used to the default c/c , so i didn't even check!
    good luck in the future!
  15. ^ thanks I finally firgure that one too..I just have to remember that each transaction.