Got Trevi spotted today

  1. Today I took my trevi out for it's first outing I went to the only designer store in my city (yes I have only one no chanel, vuiton etc but it does have gucci, dior & fendi) any way here I was browsing and one of the males SA's say's I love you bag that is new isn't it?
    I replied yes it's Vuitton. he replies yes the trevi PM isn't it about £700 it brand new just out it's fabulous

    I said yes I just got it from Paris, Lv bags are the only one that really do it for me.

    He said I know what you mean the designs, materials and they never go on sale ( he also said he used to work for Vuitton) he showed me the MJ stam but I don't like it.

    Honestly I was floored that someone even regonised it as Vuitton never mind knew all the intimate details, I should have gave the TPF address I think he'll like it here, maybe I'll recruit him, my last SA went back to Italy so I need a new one LOL
  2. Must have felt nice! congrats on your Trevi!!

    I'm not a fan of the stam either.... it's so trendy... just IMO.
  3. Funny. My friend once said that it helps pay the cost when people adore your bag:yahoo:
  4. I know it was crazy nobody ever coments on my bags here they get looks but never comments I was amazed because this guy knew ALL the details
  5. Awww, that's so neat how he knew all that stuff! I never meet people like that.
  6. Oh that is so cool.
  7. That is really cool. It would have made my whole day.
  8. That's neat he recognized the bag. I love when people recognize bags that don't scream 'LV'.
  9. Label, such a fun story! I love it when unexpectedly people are super knowledgeable and interested in LV just like we all are, it is a great surprise. Congrats on the Trevi, such a fab bag!
  10. It's always nice to meet someone who can appreciate LV like we do....
  11. He knows and loves his LV's. Yes you should of told him about tpf, he would fit right in.
  12. Except for the obvious mono bags, very few people ever recognize LV bags. It always makes me feel good when I get a comment especially from and SA in a store. Congrats! That is one beautiful bag and it deserves lots of attention.
  13. Haha thats a cute story! It feels good when others can appreciate a beautiful bag, especially a male and even more because he knew all the details!!!

    PS - Love the Trevi!!
  14. It's awesome when people know stuff about more subtle LV lines. I'm sure your Trevi looked stunning! Personally I love the Stam too.
  15. I think that's wonderful that you got a compliment on the Trevi, congrats! Especially since it's a new bag in a subtle LV pattern. Shows that good taste is spreading.