Got today! Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Chocolate and the Morning After MiniTomato

  1. Hi all! I just wanted to share pix of my two Morning After bags. I couldnt decide between the Regular or the Mini so I got both! :yahoo: The Chocolate is so cute! It reminds me of a small piece of luggage. It is very substantial and has lots of room and is a great milk chocolate color with auburn highlights. The tomato Mini is the Tour de Force! I really love it. It is not quite as red as I expected but thats okay because it is this very gorgeous burnished tomato-red with an almost golden glow about it. It is very roomy too. Its size reminds me of my Speedy 25 but the good thing about this bag is the zippered pocket in front and the organizer pockets inside. Yay! I kind of wish I had a blue one, like the Navy or the Royal, but that might be a bit too much. :yahoo:

  2. O:huh:ps, almostr forgot the pix
    Minkoff 001.jpg Minkoff 002.jpg Minkoff 003.jpg Minkoff 004.jpg
  3. Beautiful!! Where did you find the mini in tomato? I was under the impression that Rebecca Minkoff only made that color in the full size MA.
  4. Cool! Did you get them on sale?
  5. They are beautiful. You are right.....I don't think I could decide on the color, either!!
  6. Very cute! Love that tomato colour!
  7. Congrats! Both are beautiful!
  8. Lovely! By the way, is that chocolate color from last season or is that the new "glazed espresso" color she has on her site? That's the bag I've been thinking about.

    Also, where are our modeling pics? Hmmm? Love to see some for a sense of scale.
  9. wow the tomato is beautiful!
    great choices!
  10. I'm not familiar w/ this designer...very nice!

  11. wow! great bags!! are you happy with your picks? my royal MA (with patent trim) is en route and i'm wondering if i should get the chain...thoughts?
  12. What chain are you talking about? Is there a chain strap that I should know about? Please let me know. I need an estra strap for my MA hobo.
  13. Oh, they're gorgeous! Enjoy! I have the MA mini in chocolate and I get so many compliments on it :smile:

    P.S. -- On the RM Web site ... ... they sell a chain to attach to the bag
  14. They're beautiful! The tomato is stunning. Congrats!
  15. it's just a decorative chain to add to the side of your MA bag--it's like $30