Got to Visit My Puppy! *yes pictures!*

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  1. For those of you who have been following me along my quest for the best dog (for me) know I have settled on a Golden Retriever. I have also spent a lot of time speaking with breeders and visiting dogs and now we have finally picked out our little princess.

    I went to visit with her this weekend. She is happily hanging out with her parents and brothers!! My first puppy pictures!!

    Here are her parents:
    DSCF2477_sm.jpg DSCF2485_sm.jpg

    And here she is:
    DSCF2473_sm.jpg DSCF2490_sm.jpg
  2. Just a few more pictures!!

    DSCF2488_sm.jpg DSCF2493_sm.jpg
  3. Aaaawwww! My parents have a golden. They are the sweetest dogs with the best temperament.
  4. oh dear!! what a little cutie!! Congrats!!
  5. Wow!!! What a cutie!!!!! Goldens are such lovely, nice dogs!

    Now, details, please! :yes:How old is she in the pictures? When can you bring her home? Have you named her yet?

    I bet you are beside yourself waiting to bring her into your family! Congratulations!!!!
  6. I love her. I love goldens. yay for you. :smile:
  7. She looks like she could be a Honey.
  8. Congrats!!

    I love how ur visiting her before she is ready to go--she will be so relaxed when you take her when shes big enough :smile:
  9. so cutee! i've seen some golden retriever and all of them have good temperament :tup: Congratz!
  10. Leelee - as you requested, some more details!!

    She is about 2 1/2 weeks old in the pictures from this past Saturday. And yes, I really can't wait to add her to the family!! At the same time I am happily getting puppy things and preparing for her to join us! It will be a while before we do get to take her home.

    I am worried though. When my BF held her she looked so content and happy and she was silent. When I held her, she started a low throaty growl and ended in a big woof. What's the deal? I am worried she doesn't like me, but have been told since I was holding her near my heart that maybe she could hear my heart beating and was asking for food like she would from her mom. Anyone else had this happen with a puppy? BF is teasing me that she like him more than me, and it's really crushing me!!

    I am sure it will all work out, just silly new puppy jitters!

    And names... we are still thinking of some names and would be happy to have the help if you could think of any for this little blonde bombshell! I like people names, but am open to anything!!
  11. Whoohoo! That's definetly what we are going for! We even left a doggy "blanket" (it's actually a kitchen towel) that has "our smell" on it. It's supposed to help her know us, and then it will get mom and sibling smell on it, so when we take her home.. she can still smell her family and hopefully be more comfortable! :yes:
  12. Cute!!!^-^
  13. I like:

  14. She's gorgeous :heart: Goldens are FABULOUS dogs, you must be so excited :yahoo:

    I love the names caitlin has provided :yes: looks like they would all fit her :nuts:

    Or you could name her based on famous blonde bombshells :yes: maybe like Marilyn, or Brigitte :nuts:
  15. Oh, you are going to be a GREAT mom! You are so concerned and caring...she is definately meant to share her life with you!:heart: