Got to smell the new perfume

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  1. and actually ordered it!!!! I'm so excited to get it. The bottle is way cool! It's definitely not like the other perfume, which for me is too floraly. The new one was (sorry, I'm not good at describing scents) much deeper and richer smelling. See if your SA has a sample. Mine had 1 sample that was almost empty. She was guarding it with her life! If you've already smelled it, what did you think? I'm curious to hear how others feel about the new scent.
  2. aw i wish i got to smell it! I want to order one too!
  3. i wonder when it will be in stores????
  4. If I remember right I think in about 2 weeks. It really is a lovely aroma, for me at least. I can't wait to get it. And the bottle and box it comes in so so gorgeous. I'll definitely post pics when it arrives.
  5. awesome :smile::smile:
  6. I wish I had thought to ask about that while I was in the store today.
  7. How did you order it? Just by calling in?
  8. New perfume????:nuts:

    I will have to get a sniff of it when I go in to use my P.C.E.
    Hopefully there will be a tester that still has some in it!

    Thanks for letting us know that there even IS a new perfume.
  9. My SA just asked me if I knew they were coming out with a new scent. I told her I had heard, but hadn't smelled it yet. She said she had a sample and if I liked it, I could order it. How could I pass up an offer like that??
  10. Hmmm...I'd love to smell it too. To bad they don't put one of those smelly cards in their catalogs.
  11. I will have to remember to ask about this tomorrow. I can't wait to smell it. I don't like the current perfume, so am hoping I like this one.
  12. I really hope my boutique has a sample, I'd love to order it with PCE if it's the type of scent I like :yes:
  13. I just got the old scent in the orange solid a few weeks back, but I am willing to be tempted. :P
  14. The scent actually is coming out this Friday the 22nd. It will be introduced with a new body creme, purse spray, and a legacy heart charm that opens up to have a lip gloss inside! Its super cute! The look for the new fragrance was inspired by being the total opposite of the fragrance now. The fragrance now is square, silver, and all white. The new one will be round, gold, and colorful decorated in legacy stripes color! All stores will finally be getting the lip gloss too!
  15. I can't wait to smell it! I asked my SA about it yesterday, but she didn't have a sample.