Got to play with the Medor clutch today!

  1. It's very ladylike and surprisingly holds more than I expected. I felt like Grace Kelly holding it. I sense a winner!!!!!
  2. OH, you are so lucky. I would love to see one IRL, it looks so chic and yet HOT at the same time....Tell us more!
  3. Roomy interior, it actually held my fat overstuffed wallet, cell phone, and keys. Slide closure shuts the bag. One flat interior pocket. Lining in chevre.
  4. How does it compare to the kelly clutch (elan) in desirability?
  5. :drool: Thanks, there one in your future??:yes:
  6. Glad to hear it's lined in Chevre! I'm thinking hard on this one--can't decide on either PH or GH. Am leaning towards classic! Do you see yourself using this during the daytime HG?
  7. Oh WOW, HG!! Thanks for letting us know. Does it have a shoulder or wrist strap, or strictly clutch? Is yours black w/gold or silver?

    I have a big FAT wallet, too!! ( with "no money" in it though):nuts:
  8. That's great! I wish you had a photo to show us. I am glad to hear it is more ladylike than you thought it would be. What color was it?
  9. I love it more than the Elan, but I've always been a sucker for that CDC hardware.
  10. Wow.... can I have a 'lookie' tomorrow?

    I am guessing the one you played with is black box/gold?
  11. Definitely!!!!
  12. Ooooooh! Can't wait to see one IRL. HG, did one come home with you?
  13. I knew it!
  14. I see myself working this baby day and night.
  15. Strictly a clutch.

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Who says I bought it?