Got time for a 'tease???

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  1. Something was waiting for me on the front step tonight!

  2. Yep, I got time!:popcorn:
  3. take it off baby
  4. She jumped out of the box rather quickly....she was anxious to take it off....
  5. Yipee!! :yahoo:
  6. Take it off, lol!
  7. She needs some is a little shiny....but also note her little friends in the plastic bag.....
  8. She left her tissue on just to leave something to the imagination. Any guesses who she is???

  9. Uum, is she a zoe?
  10. No....not Zoe....but she's a new style.....
  11. Stop teasing and take it off, girl!!
  12. oo:huh:OOooo you're killing me....what is it what is it?.....a legacy perhaps?
  13. Her little friends are a little hard to photograph....but here's what was in the little plastic bag....heart stud earrings.....

  14. (Every good stripper needs a couple of studs I guess!)
  15. Here she is....what do you think????