Got threatened at work & now feeling endangered.

  1. Ladies I need some advice for my dear friend!!!! She's feeling endangered at work to the point where she mentioned that she wants to get a gun. :wtf:

    She got threatened by 1 of her co-workers yesterday.

    Her co-worker was loading some boxes on a dolly, while she was helping him hold the door, and then he got frustrated/lazy and told her to do it and she refused sayin that it's too heavy.

    He then threw a huge fit and cursed at her and she then cursed back at him and told him to help himself and then she walked away.

    A little later she finds her jacket on the floor with SPIT on it. He was gettin ready to leave work and then she asks him why her jacket is WET. He told her: " YEAH , I SPIT ON IT, GO TELL SOMEBODY, I DON'T F--KIN CARE!"

    He also told her " YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOU'RE MESSIN WITH. "

    My friend went and told her manager after the jackass left , while hysterically crying, and her manager told her that he will resolve this on Monday.

    She doesn't want this to go any further b/c she thinks that if he gets fired over this, then he would probably do something to get her back. U never know---she says.

    Now what? As a friend of her I don't know what her rights are. I encouraged her to tell her bosses & have this fool fired but then if this guy is immature enough to SPIT on a womans jacket, who knows what else he would do??

    Please help! I want to give her the right advice. Right now she thinks that its best NOT to take this any further and just leave it AS IS but yet she still wants to get a gun to protect herself from him.
  2. I was in a similar situation for 3 1/2 years but I was scared of my boss because there were a couple of incidents were he almost hit me and him being an ex-soldier that was really threatening and even though HR and the VP knew they didn't do anything. They offered me to fire him but I would have to testify against him. I refused to do it as I was so scared of him that he'll do something to so I resigned. He actually starngled me i the coffe kitchen for fun and told me and my co-worker that he knew 10 ways to kill a person with his bare hands. I din't understand my company that they try to use me to get rid off him cheaply because he causes a lot of problems with other departments, too.
    I don't think that getting a gun is a good idea. I would leave the situation as it is and if something like this happens again I would resign if I were your friend because no job is worth to risk your life for it. This guy seems to have an anger management problem like my boss and I believe that he would come after her if he gets fired. People like him always blame others for their behaviour and the consequences occuring from it. Sorry that I don't have a better advice. I feel for your friend!!
  3. seriously, if that guy even gives her a glance, she should tell the supervisor right away. that sort of behavior shouldn't be tolerated in a work environment and he should be removed immediately. I agree with your thoughts on this!
  4. I think she should resign and get herself out of that environment! It's not worth the trouble! A gun is not the answer! It could bring forth more problems! Just get out of there!
  5. I would be inclined to suggest that she change jobs. Without writing a thick book on the various issues involved, the fact is that "rights" that exist in theory can be very costly to exercise in actual practice.

    Should it be that way? No, but "should" and "is" are distant cousins who just don't keep in touch like they ought to.

    Even if your friend managed to "get him fired" from this particular job, that is not going to prevent him from victimizing other women in his next job, or outside the workplace.

    The odds are that he will eventually commit a criminal act, and at that point be removed from the general population, but at this point there is nothing that your friend can do to protect others from him.

    She can, however, protect herself, and the most efficient way to do that is to remove herself from the place he goes to every day.
  6. I believe she could probably go to the police and get a restraining order against him.
  7. My mom had a co-worked threaten her witha knife and she walked off the job. you have to do what you feel is right for yourself.
  8. I used to do threat assessments for workplaces, so let me tell you what needs to happen next.
    She needs to call HR and or security and report the incident ASAP. She should call the local police department and file an assault report. She needs to tell both the HR people and the PD that she is in fear for her life. This is not an overreaction. Companies usually want to hide their head in the sand when these thing occur, which is the exact opposite of what they should do. This person's behavior will worsen, as it always does when it goes unchecked. Every workplace violence incident starts with threats, gestures and so on..
    The person who did this needs to be taken out of the workplace ASAP and needs to be told he has to have a "fitness for dity" evaluation before he can return. Please PM me if you need more info. There are new OSHA regulations about workplace violence that roughly state that an organization must take reasonable steps to keep all employees safe from threats at the workplace. The company MUST act.
  9. Oh, and let me also say that the worst thing she can do is leave it alone. The issue will not go away. And unless she has had extensive firearms training she should not get a gun. Please please have her call law enforcement right away.
  10. That would i would do
  11. My SIL had a problem with a co-worker a woman who really made my SIL feel like she was capable of killing someone. So my SIL quit her job and found a better one. She couldn't deal with the stress and was not one to make waves so she did nothing. I personally feel one should address any issues concerning their safety on a job and the company is responsible for this.
  12. thanks guys. I am going to let her know all of this info and will follow up with what happens tomorrow. She did mention that she doesn't want to quit that job bc she likes it there. I will see what happens!
  13. I hope everything works out for your friend! What a horrible situation to be in :sad:
  14. The only thing I can say is NO GUN. That is probably the worst thing she could do. If she feels as though she needs to protect herself, she can get pepper spray or some type of personal alarm. Weapons give people a false sense of security. JMO.
    Even if she loves the job, if she is that scared, she should probably consider leaving. No job is worth your safety.
  15. I would definitely get a restraining order against him.