Got this today, what do you think?

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  1. Got this black color block amanda for my mom today. She's been wanting a patent for a while, and this one is just perfect. Liked the salmon, but the black is more practical. what do you ladies think?

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  2. wow! thats gorgeous! it looks plum almost.
  3. I've want that bag so badly. I think its gorgeous and the black is a classic color. You're so nice to get this for your mom.
  4. Ooo la la, very bold and striking!
  5. What a FAB gift!
  6. Gorgeous, classic, & a fabulous gift!
  7. It's really pretty and I think she will love it. :heart:
  8. OMG what a DD you are!!!'s perfect...very classy...she will love it ...even more b/c it came from you!! Let us know how she likes it!! Fab choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Wow..pretty bag..She will love it!!
  10. Love it. I think it is perfect. How very, very sweet of you. I hope my daughters buy me MJ one day! I love the patent leather.
  11. ^hmm... I don't think OP is a girl... I thought a boy?? Maybe I am wrong, if so, sorry!

    I think the bag is absolutely lovely. This will be great for all seasons, and I think perfect for any age. What a fabulous gift! I hope she loves it!! I love your avatar as well, so adorable!!
  12. I think it is a great looking bag. It is a classic patent bag, but so unique to what you normally see in patent bags. I think your mom will love it and wear it well for years to come!!
  13. looooooooooooove it!
  14. What a lucky Mom you have!! I love the's just gorgeous! Great gift!!:tup:
  15. I'm a mom and would DEFINATELY love that classy bag!!! - Great, timeless choice!