Got this on sale. Need your honest opinions!!!!

  1. I got this little bag at NM today. I *think* I love it but I need to know what my tPF ladies (and gentlemen!) think! Wouldn't it look cute with jeans and a top at a party? Or super edgy with a summer dress in the summer?

    It is made of black metallic leather that is all scrunched up (can't find a better word to describe it). Gold hardware. The bag looks deliciously shiny in real life! The pics, to be honest, don't do it justice.

    Please, please, please tell me what you think!!!
    Bal 1.jpg Bal 2.jpg Bal 3.jpg Bal 4.jpg
  2. It's a cross between casual and dressy for me .... IDK..... in my honest opinion (you asked LOL) I'm not liking kind of reminds me of a backpack from when I was a kid and then a chain at the top. Sorry....just giving my opinion!
  3. I Love It.
  4. OMG! I think I love looks to be on the smaller side. The leather looks delish....:drool:
  5. I like the back side,,, the front is too busy.
  6. I think there are too many pockets on this little thing, plus I am not too crazy about that chain.
  7. The back side is beautiful and the front side not so much.
  8. I like it :tup:
  9. :heart::heart::heart:

    Do you mind if I ask the price?
  10. i'm not too crazy about it..but i'm sure a lot of other people love it!
  11. modeling pictures please! :smile:

    i think it's cute, i like the sparkly nature of the leather but what's important is that you love it!
  12. i think it's a great bag but my goodness it's really tiny. I would probably love it if it was in a tote size, but that's just me.
  13. exactly!! :tup:
  14. I saw this in IRL- and loved it. Thot it was comfy and very cool looking. If you like it, carry and enjoy it well!
  15. Modeling pics would help- sometimes a bag that's "eh" on it's own looks :nuts: "wow" when it's worn. Personally, it's not my style, but I think it's unique and would stand out in a crowd!