Got this new bag........

  1. We went to SF this week and I was BAD! Got some LV stuff, ordered something from Prada, and got a bag from Miu Miu......not to mention this great bag from Gucci!! :yahoo:


    sorry for the fuzzy pic, can't figure out my camera! :shame:
  2. OMG. this is too cute. I love it. you must post picture modeling it. Congrats!!!
  3. Cute bag! Love it.
  4. Great bag! The Saks in Bethesda did not have any Gucci's for least when I got there at 8:10 in the morning.
  5. Love the Gucci bag!! Congrats!!!!
  6. Congratulations.
  7. Oooooooo...CONGRATS on the new Britt!!! LOVE the hardware!!!
  8. THat bag is very, very cute.
  9. That bag is so nice!