Got this limited edition today...

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  1. 7E87CF17-07D6-47CB-B4AF-508D1B8AFCAD.jpeg Receive this in the mail today, let me know what you think. Should I keep? Monogram trunk twist MM size.
  2. Didn’t you just get a Twist a few days ago? Kimono? That’s a pretty one.

    This one doesn’t do it for me. Too busy.
    The Twist looks best in its simplest versions.
  3. 9D85261C-A7C4-4737-8E00-330C2E6EE695.jpeg
    Yes, the kabuki one.
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  4. 93FDE21D-6CF5-4C90-BFBC-AC4B3A5C946F.png It’s q
  5. I agree with fab, too busy.
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  6. I saw this one in person when it launched and although I’m not a fan of the “trunk” collection, this one really caught my eye. I don’t think it’s too busy at all, it’s elegant.

    Wow you got such a great deal too!!!
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  7. Was the condition new? There was a 10% additional discount on new items on the 7th.
  8. I like it. I don't feel it's too busy but it has a more casual feel than the other Twists.
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  9. The Kabuki one is sooo beautiful. This one is ok but not as stunning as the Kabuki.
  10. Yes, it was at $2,600, the condition was 8 out of ten. They discounted ten percent when I got it.
  11. 25BBDFB3-46D6-43FB-B617-0493A09F1A4E.png
    Thank you. I didn’t like the trunk collection but this one did grow on me the more I look at it. The price was good and the condition of the bag is great. Thanks again, I was on the fence to return but I might just keep it. found another pic of the bag.
  12. I prefer this over the kimono one. It is different from the original twist but at the same time the metal bits add some punk/rock characteristic into this bag . For me it’s a keeper!
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  13. Thanks, I feel the trunk is so unique and different. I have several twists mm bag and each one has A different character and beauty to them. I am a twist bag fan.
  14. Thanks, it’s so a unique and artistic bag
  15. I’m glad!