Got this Gucci Flora....50% off!

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  1. I started a thread a few weeks ago about this bag & whether I should get it.. I has been on sale at Bergdorf's for $973 from $1,390. Glad I waited... Today my wonderful SA from Bergdorf's calls me & says it's going 50% tomorrow, $695! & she's holding one for me. Of course I jumped on it! Keeping fingers crossed I like it :biggrin:
  2. Great deal - and that means that other bags will be on sale tomorrow too! They must be timing it with Saks!
  3. Congrats! that bag is pretty!! I love it. Totally perfect for summer. yay!!! :biggrin:
  4. Wow, what a steal and a pretty bag! Hope ya like it
  5. I'm glad that you got a great bag that you have been wanting and that you have such a nice SA to help you. That makes everyone happy!
  6. Great price and cute bag! I love the Flora print, so pretty!
  7. Thanks girls! Yes, Bergdorf's is having a second markdown tomorrow so NM probably will to.. I know it's happening in-store but I think it will be on the websites as well~
  8. NM is doing an additional 25% off exisiting sale prices starting on Friday--I think that might work out to 50% off the original price...
  9. great deal, congrats! the flower pattern is so great for summer!

  10. pictures please :smile: i want to see how it looks in real
  11. acegirl, it's gorgeous! congrats! and yes-please post pics with you wearing it!
  12. Well, I had a glitch with the bag:sad: Get this...the SA called & told me the bag was going to be 50% original price as I originally posted. I confirmed it was going to be like $695 & she said yes. 2 days later, she emails be & says "Oops, the bag didn't have another markdown but I sent it to you anyway to see" I'm like WTF!? SO, she charged my CC for $980, which was first mark down price from $1375 original retail but I told her in an earlier email, I didn't want to spend $1K on this bag. I only wanted it if it would be marked down even more, which is why I was so excited in my OP. The SA is nice enough but wouldn't you be a bit miffed if an SA took it upon themselves to charge your CC for more than what you authorize them to without asking first? Anyway, I told her I would be sending it back ASAP, which is what I did. I opened up the box & made a copy of the receipt (didn't even unwrap the bag) & returned it back to her. I just got my credit for it today. Anyway, I'm bummed. I would have loved it for $695 but not so much for $980.:noworry:
  13. I am soooo sorry this happened.

    I would have been so disappointed if the expected discount failed to come through. $300 is alot of money.

    I wonder why she didn't let you know there was no second markdown before she sent it to you? Plus it's a hassle to send it back, plus the cost of postage.

    I'm bummed for you too.
  14. Thanks! I think she got the idea to never do that again without asking! I wasn't rude to her but I was "to the point" ;)
  15. Good for you! It's sometimes hard to let someone know that they made a mistake without being rude- but I'm glad she got your point.
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