Got this for my B-day from Hubby...whatdya think?

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  1. Check out this D&G bag I got for my birthday. I'm curious as to the opinions out there before I use it. Please be honest. There's too much testerone in this house between my hubby, son, and dog so I need a female perspective! ;)

  2. I actually like it--how does it fit you? Is it your style? You'll get the gamut of opinions on here, but what matters is you like it, it fits into your lifestyle, & fits your body. Does it stay on the shoulder? I like the strap, it reminds me of the coach carly. What a terrific DH you have!!
  3. at first glance at the thumbnail i didn't like it that much but when i clicked on it and acctually had a look i like it!

    he did great, USE THAT BAG!
  4. WOW!!!! What a fab bag!!!!! Did your DH actually pick that out by himself???? would be so scary for my fiancee to pick a bag out for me....I don't think he would do quite as well.

    I am's an awesome bag...if ya don't like it...ya can always toss it my way...:graucho:
  5. I like it too. DH did a good job!
  6. Congratulations, great DH!

    I love the Gucci in your avatar, one of my favourite bags!
  7. ooo I like!
  8. I like it!! Use it!
  9. Very elegant and stylish. He did a great job!!
  10. I am impressed! Not many men I know would be able to pick out such a nice morsel of arm candy! Stick your stuff in that sac and go, girl!
  11. I like it, the style is Glam and the color is chic. :smile: Your hubby has nice taste. And it was a present! Use it! it may not be what you yourself would have bought, but that's not the point
  12. what she said!!

    I agree, very nice bag. Your DH did really, really well!!
  13. i think your hubby did a nice job.
  14. i like it! alhtough if personally, it's too small for me LOL

  15. Great bag. I would love to see more pics.