Got this during PCE--Keeper?

  1. I really like it - so classic, and with the two-tone it will go with everything. I say it's a keeper!
  2. keep it!
  3. Keeper for sure.
  4. It's pretty! voting keep it. :smile:
  5. I think it's very cute! How big is it? Can you post a picture of it on your wrist? It's very practical because it's two-tone. If you think you'll wear it then keep it!!

    I've been looking at Coach watches but haven't really found anything that I like well enough to spend that kind of money. I certainly like this one well enough!!
  6. I like it! I say keep it
  7. Wow! I love two tone watches; very classy and it matches everything nicely. I say it is a keeper!!
  8. Very classic! I love two-tone as well. A keeper for sure!
  9. Sorry, I'm not liking it.
    I'd rather buy a bag with that $$, IMHO!
  10. :yes: You read my mind! :yes:
  11. Keeper! I love two-toned watches like that.
  12. keep it!
  13. I think it is pretty, but I would not spend that much on a coach watch
  14. i like the watch; it's very classic...the only thing is i tend to get bags from coach, watches from watch companies, etc....