Got this Cartier as a gift but no idea what series is this

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  1. Hi I received this as a gift. May I know what series is this and price for this?
    How much will I get for pawning?
    I don’t have the receipt tho

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  2. You must take photo of the inside where the serial numbers and Cartier marking show... you can block out some of the serial number for safety reasons... the screw mechanism looks interesting... must see that as well. Mine is over 30 years old and the inside of the bracelet that shows the screw mechanism, from your picture, the mechanism is protruding a bit much... mine doesn't... it could mean nothing or it could mean something. The something that it's the new screw mechanism which means it's a newer model, but must see more pictures of inside the band and unscrewed apart.
  3. It looks like a Cartier Love bracelet but whether it's authentic is anyone's guess. If it's authentic, expect to get at least 50% of the retail price depending on where you sell it but if counterfeit then it's essentially worthless, except maybe scrap gold value.

    The retail price varies by country and you can find out by visiting
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  4. Can not comment on the bracelet . The box itself does not appear to be Cartier.
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  5. Hii, can you tell me what’s wrong with the box ?
    I know the bracelet and the screwdriver doesn’t look like Cartier, but i can’t tell what’s wrong with the box.
  6. We aren’t allowed to discuss what makes things fake. It helps the counterfeiters.
  7. It would be wise to get this item authenticated if you don't know its provenance.
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    In threads like this I wonder if the poster considers whether this is even a plausible situation: Would the giver be someone in a position to have dropped several thousand dollars on a gift for you? Only you know your life; you should know if it makes sense of not. If not, that tells you something, right?
  9. I’m sorry, i didn’t know about this rules
  10. I didn’t either the first time I asked similar questions! No worries.
  11. Dear all , regarding about authenticity. I know it’s real. All I’m asking if is this leve bracelets , or leve bracelet sm ...
    it has the box the paper bag except for receipt .
  12. It does not appear to be a Love bracelet to me ...
  13. It would help if you posted more photos...
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  14. As someone has said, if you want help you have to post pictures of the inside
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  15. Do you have any advice on where to get Love bracelet authenticated?
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