Got this belt yesterday and all I can say is ...

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  1. I AM LOVING IT!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Ayla was my enabler at LV boutique!!!:graucho:
    PICT5216.jpg PICT5227.jpg
  2. I'm loving it too! Congrats! :biggrin:
  3. Gourgeous Irene!! seems like Nomade leather..
  4. Very nice..I am loving it too..congrats!!!
  5. Ohhh it's really gorgeous !!! Congrats!
  6. love the belt! you must get the matching Lockit too :graucho:
  7. it looks great on you Irene. congrats. :smile:
  8. cute!
  9. Great belt! Looks good on you!
  10. very nice, congrats
  11. I love it Irene... :drool:

    Two MODs @ LV is dangerous. :jammin:

    What did Ayla get??? :idea:
  12. Congrats! Looks hot!
  13. Gorgeous belt! :heart:
  14. I see your Birkin in the background...It's HOT!!!
  15. Pretty LV_Addict! Enjoy it!
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