Got this beauty stolen, please watch out for me

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  1. #1 Jul 25, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2016
    I bought this beauty in early 2015 during my 2.5 year stay in Paris. It remained one of my faves. Unfortunately, when I traveled around the Switzerland in last few days, my car got broken into and this bag was taken alongside with the suitcase containing it. Heart-broken. It's a Kelly 35 Ghillies Suede. If you happen to see it offered anywhere online or in shops in Europe (with reasonable photomatch), please don't buy stolen goods and let me know via PM or here. Thank you very much in advance. Hope this is the right section to post. This post also serves to remind people, don't take safe environment for granted and try to carry valuable stuffs in your luggage with you when you can. Have a great week, everyone.

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  2. Exqmaster, I am so sorry to hear about the theft of your belongings! Your bag is lovely & I hope that someone sees it and lets you know. Best of luck!
  3. I am in France, Exqmaster, and I will keep my eyes open.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear that:sad:. I know what you mean by taking safe environment for granted and thinking that everyone is a nice and decent person. Good people think that other people are like them but it's not always true. I had to learn that because that's how I got screwed over by others so many times. I'll def let you know if I come across it. Just make sure to keep searching for it on the major second hand sites and google it regularly.

  5. sorry to hear this!

    do you remember any features? like maybe specific scratches or the artisan stamp (i'm not talking about just the year) but the other info on this bag? that way, there is less confusion that it is your bag and not someone who just happened to be selling a similar bag.

    hope you find it!
  6. Thank you very much for all the kind and supportive messages and helping to watch out for it.

    I only used it once and it is in tiptop condition. The only way to distinguish it from a different copy of it will be the natural crease of lower left corner among other small details. Of course, if it shows up in secondary market recently, given the low odds of having a rare bag in same color during same period, it has higher chances.

    I don't hold my breath to have it recovered some day. But just to share my experience with fellow bag lovers/collectors and hope reminding keeping your items closer to you can save a headache or two for others in the future.

    Thank you again.
  7. I shared your frustration and sadness
    Hopefully gd news will come soon
    Cheer up
  8. Oh, I feel so sorry for you! This is a very special bag so definitely keep googling it every now and then to see if it shows up somewhere!
  9. Hoping that it will turn up! Good luck and stay safe!
  10. I really feel for you... My husband's going through something similar just now. He had his wallet (with all cards, driving licence, cash, etc.) plus his expensive mobile which he loved and treated with care stolen while trying to help a woman with car problems..... He's so sad and the chances of getting any of it back are practically zero. He's also watching Ebay, etc. just in case the phone turns up.
    Good luck in possibly tracing your beautiful bag ((hugs)).
  11. Thank you for sharing these sad news and reminding us all to take care of our valuables. Hope you get news of your bag somehow. This is such a rare and unique Kelly. So sorry it happened to you.
  12. Sending you good wishes that it will be recovered--she's a beauty. So very sorry this has marred your holiday.,,

  13. so sorry to hear that! I will definitely keep eye out for you... hope you find your things soon!!
  14. Exqmaster, I just wanted to reach out and give you a hug. This is SO terrible. Hope you can recover your things. Sending you good wishes.
  15. :sad:So sorry to hear about your stolen beauty. Hope you get her back. That puts a damper on your trip.